Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG)

"The FOAG endeavours to ensure that farmers produce high-quality foods in a sustainable manner, and in line with market requirements. The FOAG advocates multifunctional agriculture that plays a key part in:

  • ensuring reliable supplies for the population
  • preserving the natural bases of life and maintaining the agricultural landscape
  • decentralised settlement of the country

Together with the cantons and farming organisations, the FOAG executes the decisions taken by the people, parliament and the government, and is an active player in shaping agricultural policy.

The new Federal Agricultural Act which came into force on 1 January 1999 provides the framework for agriculture to develop on a sustainable basis. "Sustainability" in this context comprises three aspects: the economic, ecological, and social dimensions.

The state creates and safeguards favourable overall conditions for the production and sale of agricultural products in Switzerland and abroad. It makes direct payments to remunerate public and ecological services provided by the agricultural sector."

Source: www.blw.admin.ch 09.10.12

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