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"SECO (the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) is the Federal Government's centre of competence for all key economic policy issues. Its objective is to ensure sustainable economic growth, for which it creates the necessary regulatory and economic framework.

As regards domestic policy, SECO acts as the interface between companies, social partners and political circles. It supports regionally and structurally balanced development of the economy, and guarantees protection for employees."

Source: www.seco.admin.ch 09.10.12



"The totally revised legislative basis for promoting innovation, cooperation and knowledge acquisition in tourism (Innotour) comes into force on 1 February 2012. From this date onwards, applications for financial assistance can be submitted to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

The Swiss Federal Assembly has approved a funding commitment of CHF 20 million in order to finance Innotour during the 2012-2015 period.

Innotour focuses on promotion at national level, so most of the resources are used for projects of national scope and for national coordination activities. The introduction of model projects − a new instrument – will mean that regional and local projects will also be promoted in the future.

Innotour was set up with the aims of increasing the innovation rate and facilitating the shared provision of services. These objectives should be broadened as more knowledge is acquired."

You can find more information about Innotour here.