Swiss Parcs

On 23 May 2007, representatives of 19 park projects met on the Chasseral mountain to establish the "Swiss Parks Network", organised along the lines of an "umbrella association" to protect its members' interests as well as to help them set up and operate parks, and to ensure their quality over the long term.

According to its articles of association, the network's purpose is to support park authorities in attaining their goals as stipulated by the Federal Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Act (NCHPA/NHG). In particular, this remit includes:

  • conservation, upgrading and (as appropriate) ongoing development of the natural, rural and     cultural heritage
  • romoting environmental education
  • strengthening sustainable businesses and promoting the marketing of their goods and services

The network therefore performs important tasks in order to implement the Federal Government's parks policy, as defined in the Act and in the Parks Ordinance.

The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has also concluded a service agreement with the Swiss Parks Network, which performs tasks such as organising exchanges of experience, representing the parks and undertaking public relations work, for which it is partially compensated by the Federal Government.

You can find more information about the Swiss Parks Network here.