© Nägeliseehof: Wein-Stadel: Aussenansicht
© Nägeliseehof: Wein-Stadel: Aussenansicht
© Nägeliseehof: Wein-Stadel: Innenansicht
© Nägeliseehof: Wein-Stadel: Innenansicht

Irregular Dive

Nägeliseehof / Wein-Stadel

Nägeliseehof / Wein-Stadel, Hallau

Enjoy our Wein-Stadel with the special barrel design, your event up to 50 people.

Celebrate your

    family celebrations  
    Company outings  
    Press conferences  
    Christmas dinner  
    and much more...

with us on the Nägeliseehof, away from the main roads.

Nature magic a walk or a bike ride through our idyllic landscape with horse-drawn carriage or bike through the vineyard and subsequent wine tasting and tasting in our Wein-Stadel.

For groups we are happy to create and design your individual offer.

Wine & recreation both convey a sense of down-to-earthness.

In the Wein-Stadel you get our wines with pleasant fruit - acid play, with character and compact structure.

In the Wein-Stadel, located in the middle of a beautiful landscape, you will find relaxation and recreation from everyday life.

For groups we ask for telephone reservation.
Call us, we will be happy to create and design an individual program for you.

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Nägeliseehof / Wein-Stadel
8215 Hallau


every Sat   13:00 h
every Sun   10:00 h


Nägeliseehof / Wein-Stadel
Familie Jauch
8215 Hallau
052 681 20 65


  • Irregular Dive


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