Unique Holidays with Children in Switzerland



Whether riding a pony or driving a tractor, feeding goats or baking bread: Holidays with children on the farm are full of unforgettable highlights! Experiences close to nature in a family-friendly environment mean unlimited play and fun for the children, but also pure relaxation far away from everyday life for the parents or grandparents.


Would you like to spend your holidays with your children in Switzerland in a natural and child-friendly environment? Our farms in all regions of the country offer the perfect conditions for this! Holidays on the farm are family holidays of a special kind. Here, young and old can actively experience country life, develop a relationship with nature and animals and enjoy the fresh products from the farm. There is always something going on in the courtyard, no chance for boredom here! And while the little ones let off steam, mom and dad also enjoy time for two - not always possible during holidays with children.




A Holiday the children will never forget

The greatest holiday adventure for children is, of course, the animals. Cows, goats, horses, chickens, geese, pigs, and in some places even llamas or yaks. And, of course, there are always dogs and cats. Not only can these animals be petted, they can also be fed, cared for, milked and sometimes even ridden. It is more than just fun, it opens up new worlds, especially for children from urban areas. Contact with the animals and people on the farm provides a great opportunity to learn lots of interesting facts: How many eggs does a chicken lay? How does goat milk taste? Can horses sleep while standing? How much hay do cows eat?

Aside from the farm animals, family holidays on the farm have much to offer. Sleeping in the straw, riding on the tractor, harvesting fruit or helping with baking and cooking in the kitchen – excitement for young and old. So, don't be surprised if your young team continues to talk about the farm holidays for months and favorite pictures are posted on Instagram.


Discover our popular farms providing holidays with children

Ferme du Bonhour, Porrentruy

Brändiberg, Weesen




Pure relaxation and Enjoymnet


Holidays with kids can be quite stressful. But the hosts on our farms know what it takes for a perfect family vacation. The “everyday life at the farm” alone offers the little ones lots of action and variety all day long. By evening they are ready to fall into bed tired and satisfied. This allows the time for parents or grandparents to just relax and enjoy themselves.

In the morning, enjoy a cozy breakfast with farm eggs and dairy products, home-made jam and freshly baked bread. Because, of course, fine dining with fresh, regional ingredients is also part of your holiday experience on the farm. After all, you can find no fresher products and more authentic country woman's cuisine than directly on the farm. Fruits and vegetables, meat and sausage products, cheese, fruit, honey and much more are produced on our farms and can be bought in many places in the farm shop. Here you can find the perfect culinary holiday souvenir or a delicious souvenir for those who stayed at home.



Even more Adventure: Holidays without Parents

A unique farm experience: Going on vacation without parents. An unforgettable adventure for the children and relaxation for the parents at home. Our experienced hosts integrate the holiday children into the everyday life of the farming family. The little ones enjoy helping to feed the animals and discovering every corner of the farm.